Please visit my new blog: Club Penguin Cheats HQ

CPguider is my blog, and it’s the perfect place to find information about Club Penguin. Here’s a site map:

Archives- Search through past posts about CP

Cheats- Cheats, guides, and tips for CP

Club Penguin- General information about CP, accounts, and membership (Under Construction)

Fun Stuff- CP funny media, music, and more!

Games- Tells location, name, and difficulty of games

My Penguins- My CP accounts, free trial penguins

Puffles- Information about puffles

Secret Agents/Tour Guides- Secret agent info, tour guide info

Unlocking Items- Info about Unlocking Items Online

Sadly, my blog does not update with the latest news. For an awesome CP updating site, view my new blog:

CP Cheats HQ

Please enjoy my blog!



8 Responses to “Home”

  1. ♫-Äýusђ-♫ Says:

    Hey There 😉

    I have made an official and safe-friendly chat for the people who like to talk, make new friends, play games, draw drawings, watch videos all in one place! PS: This is a great site! Keep it up and sorry im logged off. Also thanks for adding me on daily updated sites 😀
    Wanna chat? http://xat.com/ClubPenguinCheatsWebsite

  2. gummyem26 Says:

    Hi cool! Visit mine (u have already alec122) http://clubpenguinbitzandbobz.wordpress.com

  3. Roorgowal Says:

    Awesome – really amazing theme. I am goin to blog about it likewise.

  4. Brony488 Says:

    Please visit brony488.wordpress.com !
    We update as much as we can! 😉

  5. Club Penguin Says:

    Your next post should be a top 10 group with the pluses and minuses of every one

  6. club penguin coin cheats Says:

    I just wanted to say that I think Club penguin will be the absolute very best game ever created!

  7. Eldon Wampler Says:

    My partner and i seriously like everything you post here. Really unusual and also brilliant. 1 problem though. I’m running Opera together with Debian and also pieces of one’s up-to-date page layout parts certainly are a tiny wonky. My partner and i notice it’s not just a standard create. Yet it’s something to be able to keep in mind. My partner and i hope which it will aid and also continue to keep up the top notch top quality creating.

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